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WhyYou Should Be Considering a Real Estate Move

Have you been thinking about making a move in real estate lately? Maybe you’re considering upgrading or downsizing, refinancing your current home, purchasing an investment property, or thinking about pursuing a custom home build? If any of these options have been on your mind lately, it’s an ideal time to put your thoughts into action. With recently lowered interest rates increasing buyer power and inventory still leaning towards a seller’s market, it’s a great time to make a move and get into a home that fits your lifestyle needs.

If you’re curious what areas of town are experiencing hot action vs steadier selling rates, reach out to me today for more information. Overall, Portland is seeing more bidding wars on homes below the $500K price point, with higher end homes experiencing more days on the market. In the high end category, homes with a unique style seem to be selling quicker than traditional homes. Have questions about market activity or the value of your home? I’d love to help! Call or email me today.


How a Home Maintenance Plan Can Save You Time, Money, and Hassle

As a homeowner, do you have a plan for taking care of your home's major systems? According to home inspectors, the average life span of your water heater is 12 years, 20-25 years for your furnace, and depending on the type of roof you have and the past care plan, you can expect to get 20-30 years from your roof on average. Keeping a home maintenance schedule can extend the life of your home substantially and keep you from having to deal with costly, time-consuming "break down" repairs.


Interested in Exploring the World of Auction Home Investing?

I’ve recently partnered with an investor who specializes in buying and renovating auction homes. Since beginning our partnership, I’ve learned so much about this unique niche of the housing market as I’ve sold his renovated properties. If you've been curious about taking this unique approach to building an investment property portfolio, I'd love the opportunity to educate you on how to succeed in procuring auction homes and talk you through what the flip process looks like.


Putting Our Energy & Focus Where It Truly Matters

This last week, I had the opportunity to reflect on my wife, and how grateful I am for her. Do you ever feel like you’re so busy pouring your best self into your work, kids, health, or whatever goal you may be pursuing that you don't take the time to give love and attention to your biggest supporters? We get so focused on putting our all into other areas of life, that when we get home, we feel drained and the thought of all your home responsibilities can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, the people who tend to interact with us the most when we’re exhausted by the circus of life are our significant others and families. These people, who are usually our biggest fans, don’t always get to enjoy our presence at full capacity or hear the appreciation they deserve. I’m working on improving this piece of myself; to make that extra effort to be loving and kind to the people who really matter to me most. I’d like to invite you to join me on this effort and take every chance you have to express how you feel to loved ones and to show up for the people who make your life worth living.

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