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Low Interest Rates & Inventory Mean A WIN/WIN For You!

Have you been paying attention to interest rates in the past year? If not, now might be the time to start. In recent conversations with multiple lenders, one of which has been in the industry for 20+ years, several made note that they’ve never seen interest rates so low. I have clients who are refinancing their homes at 3.5% and lower. If you’ve been considering buying a home or are curious if a refinance makes sense to lower your monthly payments, reach out today and let’s chat. 

Along with phenomenal interest rates, a recent economic forecast I attended just last week predicted we’re in for another strong year in real estate. Talk of a recession in 2020 seems to be fading out, and this information is supported through my personal assessment of the real estate market and multiple credible sources in the financial and housing industries. With interest rates at historic lows (which we can hopefully sustain as the year goes on), and inventory in the Portland market still at a shockingly low 2.2 months, demand is high and it’s a great time to consider selling.

When comparing January year-over-year, the latest market action report for Portland metro states the average sales price has increased 6.3% from $435,600 to $463,000 and the median sales price has increased 5.5% from $384,900 to $406,000. If you’re thinking about making a move this spring, we would love to chat with you and help make the process as smooth and easy as possible.


Is A Custom Home Build Right For You? Looking At The Benefits:

We’re currently helping multiple clients who are either looking for land to build on or are in the process of a custom home build. A custom home build is a great option for many homeowners because it gives buyers the option to upgrade or change the home in ways that best fit their wants and needs. If you’ve ever considered a custom-built home, we’d love to share more information about how you can get started with that process and the steps to take to make your dream a reality.


The Logan Gerritz Realty Group Team: Looking Forward To A Bright Future:

In the past month, it’s been so awesome watching Austin, our newest team member, thrive in the business. He jumped right into the day-to-day and is already working with multiple clients and has showed multiple homes. He’s learning new skills everyday and I’m incredibly proud to be in business with a great guy who I not only trust, but who is striving to absorb all the knowledge he can. His drive to succeed and serve others is helping our business grow in such a meaningful way!


Life Isn't Always Fair - That's Why We Have Each Other!

Sometimes in life, it’s hard to see past the immediate hurt and sadness of the moment. For me, learning someone I’m close to is really struggling with their health was a difficult realization. This married man with multiple children who isn’t even in his 50’s yet has now found himself in a place none of us want to be. In your own life, you may be personally hurting or have someone close to you who’s going through a tough time with health, relationships, finances, or other tough situations.

Whatever the situation, it seems life has a way of reminding us that things aren’t always fair. This is why I believe it's our duty to encourage and help others in any way we can. Offering support in this way often has a “trickle down” effect and we can end up unknowingly helping many other people along the way. If you know someone who is struggling this month, I hope you take the time to show them you care and are there for them. If you're personally struggling this month, I encourage you to reach out to your support network, be honest, and ask for help where you need it.

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