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Updated: May 16, 2019


Building a Value-Driven Brand Experience

As you may have noticed, it’s been a little while since you’ve heard from the Logan Gerritz Realty Group team and WOW, I am so grateful to be back in action and taking on a whole new brand look. As I thought through our rebrand, I not only wanted to take a deeper look at what I felt exemplified my business on the outside, but at how I could better serve the very people who make my business possible. That’s why I want YOUR input on what you’d like to see featured in “The Hub” moving forward. Whether it's updates on market trends or top local spots for food and drink - I want to hear all your ideas! Just hit reply to say hello and share your suggestions so I can implement what matters most to you in future issues. Thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to help shape my new brand experience.


A New Brand Direction That's Focused on You

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Renee St.Clair of Ink & Vellum Creative Branding to build a bigger, better brand experience designed to strengthen our online presence, streamline day-to-day marketing efforts and revitalize both promotional and client materials - all benefits we’ll be passing on directly to you as you work with our team to buy or sell your next home.


Streamlining the Transaction Process

After meeting earlier this year, Kim Teske and I quickly realized we shared a common goal and approach to the business - putting families first and helping others realize their real estate dreams no matter the obstacle. Welcoming a new transaction coordinator to the team means I can spend more time serving you “in the field” while Kim looks after the details.


Moving Forward with Positivity and Service

Some of you may have seen my original announcement that my previous Marketing Consultant/Assistant decided to change paths and go in a different direction. I have to admit, this was some tough news to receive. We’d worked together for nearly 3 years and built many things up from the ground and suddenly it felt like I had a hole in my business. Now after a few months of silence, I’ve shifted my mindset and realized that all businesses go through change - and that’s okay! Change is often the little nudge we need to experience growth. Now, I’m so excited to be working with Renee & Kim - two people I feel I can fully trust to be a part of my team. In the end, we ALL go through ups and downs, but it’s our ability to maintain a positive mindset and faith that everything will work out that makes the difference between simply making it through life’s interesting surprises and coming out the other end even better than we were before.

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